Where can I purchase Gift Certificates?
Each stylist sells their own certificates, some can be purchased from their website. Gift certificates can only be redeemed by the salon or stylist it was purchased from.

Do you have a receptionist for all the stylist?
No, every stylist is in charge of making appointments and we don't share our scheduling books so calling or booking online direct with your stylist is the best option. All contact information per stylist is on the staff page or home page.

Do you take walk in appointments?
Yes, we can although, because most stylists are in their suites when they have appointments, they maybe busy. If someone has time I am sure we would love to have you as a client. 

Who would I contact if I want to rent a suite?                 
Please contact susan@expressionssalon.com or call 319-373-1579 and leave a message.  I am the only one who receives both email and messages.