Our experienced staff is committed to nothing short of excellence!                       

We are proud members of the professional beauty industry, continually educating ourselves to better our skills. When you visit us, our friendly, helpful salon suite stylists will answer your questions and make suggestions on how to best serve you.
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 Each will have a contact phone number and/email or booking page to contact them directly.
  Susan Christensen   Suite C-6   319-373-1579

    Tiffani Meyers         Suite C-1   319-210-1579

Molly Brandstatter    Suite C-2   319-521-8871
     Nicki Lambert     Suite C-3     319-531-4706

 DeAnn Carlson        Suite  C-4   319-350-3010

 Allison Hadjis   Suite C-5   319-213-2055         
 Heidi Dean      Suite C-5           319-573-8324

Mary Trenda      Suite C-7          319-899-0167
Jenna Lafrentz     Suite C-8       319-981-7546

 Danitza Alva       Suite C-    1-425-275-3509

Jill Mohwinkle   Suite C-10       319-573-0658
Libbee Trumblee   Suite C-11    319-210-3742

Diane Baker       Suite C-12         319-389-4141

Susan Christensen 319-373-1579

Owner Expressions Salon & Suites Stylist Expressions Salon C-6

Molly Brandstatter 319-521-8871

Stylist/Mens Cuts C-2

Tiffani Meyers 319-210-1579

Tiffani's Suite Studio C-1

Nicki Lambert 319-531-4706

Stylist C-3 https://www.vagaro.com/salondearia

Heidi Dean 319-573-8324

HeidiLyn Make Up C-5

DeAnn Carlson 319-350-3010

Salon Elegante C-4

Allison Hadjis 319-213-2055

Shear Beaute C-5

Mary Trenda 319-899-0167

Stylist/Hair Extension Specialist C-7

Jenna Lafrentz 319-389-4455

JL Skincare Solutions C-8

Diane Baker 319-389-4141

Stylist, Suite C-12

Libbee Trumblee 319-210-3742

Stylist Suite C-11

Jill Mohwinkle 319-573-0658

Jill Mohwinkle Styling Suite C-10